“Our turnover increased
with 120% in 1 year
by Alona Media”

Reach out to more customers via the internet and take your company to the next level! We provide more customers for your business by using Google AdWords, an effective SEO strategy, assistance with Social Media Marketing or a wonderful new website. On top of this we can also help you with blogging, designing banners, logos, hosting and so much more …

Varying from very small projects at regional level to rolling out and implementing complex marketing strategies at international level. No challenge is too big for us! Every company is different, and together with our customers we customize the best marketing mix.

We have over 10 years experience in advising small and big companies; we investigate which way it is best to achieve growth. In the Netherlands, Belgium and far beyond. Our job: take your company to the next level through the internet.

Your success = our success. We have a solution for each challenge!

We act quick. This is necessary because the Internet swallows us otherwise. New developments take place at a fast pace. Because we work for a number of clients we learn quickly what works good and what doesn’t and we can use this information when we start working for your business.

  • 10 years experience in helping business owners
  • Flexible and always driven
  • Short lines, fast communication
  • The Netherlands, Belgium and beyond
  • No nonsense approach (just do it)

Google Certified Partner

Obviously we are Google Adwords certified. We have the Google AdWords Fundamentals and Search Advertising certificates in our possession and we have our own contacts at Google.

We’ve helped more then 120 companies

You are not the first company that chooses to work with us. We work for a variety of clients from various industries, which ensures that we know exactly what kind of marketing will or will not work for your business. The most common mistakes we’ve already made once;).


Are you afraid to miss out?

Want to start new online campaigns? Are you going to start a new business or expand abroad?

Every situation is different. That’s why we always plan a free appointment (via telephone or on-site) to see if and how we can help each other.

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